beginning of a new era

Beginning of a New Era is a feature documentary film delivering a strong and positive message of hope from the Mayan elders for these transformative times.


The film interviews a Mayan elder Marzo Quetzal reveals to us the ancient Mayan vision of a New Era and reminds us that there is a battle that each one of us still needs to fight in order to fully anchor the New Era on the Earth – a battle that takes place inside each of our hearts and minds.


Beginning of a New Era is a long-awaited independent documentary film that delivers a strong and positive message of hope for these transformative times from the Mayan elders.

It shines light on the archetypal forces of good and evil that are affecting all of us and explains how we can free ourselves from the grip of evil - each one of us as individuals transforming the collective.

Simultaneously, Beginning of a New Era tells the story of a journey that the Rainbow people - a group of barefeet warriors of peace and love took in 2012 when they traveled to join the sacred ceremonies that marked the ending of the 26 000th cycle in the Mayan Calendar.

The movie gives a voice to Mayan elders that bring us a luminous message of a New Era and explain how each of us are co-creating this new reality together.

We are the creators of our reality. How do we dream up our world?



The journey of making the film has been long - it has taken 10 years and many personal sacrifices to get here. The production is finally nearing finish but we still need funding to be able to complete the work. We’ve invested 12 0000 euros so far and still need to resource 3 0000 euros more.

Our dream is for this fundraising campaign to raise at least 10 000 euros. This would enable us to not only finish production but also to get the movie and it’s message to spread far and wide across the Earth. With deep gratitude and hopeful hearts we call in the funding and support needed for the final push in the birth of this visionary project that we hope can guide and support humanity in creating the peaceful and beautiful world that we all dream of.

We believe that the visionary message and ancient wisdom captured within this movie has deep potential to assist in the transformation of consciousness that humanity will need to go through in order to return to a balanced and harmonious collective reality. We become awake by making the darkness conscious. It is our belief that this movie can play a major part in the illumination and integration of the shadow aspects of the collective psyche and help humanity find wholeness and connection again.


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We will send an e-book with interviews with the Mayan elder Marzo Quetzal to everyone who donates. Available in English and Spanish. Please allow us up to 3 weeks delivery time.

”Just after the longest night comes the new dawn”
- Marzo Quetzal



Soundtrack composed by Txai Fernando will come out at the end of this year 2021.



Beginning of a New Era - Interviews with Marzo Queztal

is a precious and one of a kind gem of Mayan wisdom in book form. 


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"Any of us recognizing the dream-like nature of our situation, owning our shadow, doing our inner work, and waking up to our true nature might be the very act, the very grain of sugar that initiates a change in the entire universe"

   - Paul levy, Author of Dispelling Wetiko