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beginning of a new era

“It is darkest right before the dawn.”

Beginning of a New Era is a transcendental film experience delivering a strong and positive message of hope from the Mayan elders and other spiritual guides to humanity for these transformative times.


In the film Mayan elder Marzo Quetzal shares with us a message and a vision of a New Era for humanity, which also marks a new cycle in time.


The film shines light on how there is a struggle within each one of us through forces of good and evil. 

A struggle that needs to be met in order to anchor new consciousness on earth.

Paradoxically, this struggle with the darkness is revealing our light and true self.


Simultaneously, Beginning of a New Era has also an element of road journey that tells us a story of journey that the Rainbow people took in 2012 - a group of earth warriors of peace and love originating from the hippie movement of the 60’s.


The year marked the ending of the great 26 000 year cycle in the Mayan Calendar and there was great ceremonies held in Mexico in alignment of the galactic cycles.

The Intention of the ceremonies was to align the high energies on behalf of world-peace.


The movie is a unique mixture of documentary, road journey and psychedelic story-telling.

It also gives a voice to numerous people that share us their views of current situation of humankind, and reveal their vision for the new times.


The film looks on the situation humanity is currently going through from a spiritual perspective

and reflects on what are the ways to transcend into a more peaceful, harmonious and loving world - inside and outside.


One of the film’s themes is emphasized on the creative ability inside each one of us, reminding that we all have a role to play in the divine drama.

“We are indeed co-creators of our own reality, and not helpless victims.”

"We become awake by making
the darkness conscious"

about the production & Journey

Beginning of a New Era is an independent production from Finland that has taken more than 10 years to finally get complete.


We started the production and filming already back in 2011 - as there was a big hype about the great shift of consciousness and related to 2012 - A calling arised to make a film about that.


Questions were in the air - What was the meaning of the ending of the great cycle of 26000 years for the Maya?

And what was the beginning of a new one to be about?


The initial filmings took place in 2012 by many camera operators to capture these unique moments and ceremonies in time and space.


During the years, the production has grown.

- We have had chance to interview leading experts in subject of shift of consciousness and the new paradigm.


The Journey of making this film itself has been an adventure.

Requiring great risks and offering of time and resources.

But it has been also great and rewarding inner journey - guiding towards the light and new paradigm in consciousness.


Through the journey, it has also became clear that in order to create a better and new world,

it is also deeply important to do the inner shadow-work - instead of projecting it outside, facing the darkness inside.


What are the mechanisms inside human psyche for this? And how does “evil” work through each one of us? And could it be ultimately serving also the light and good?


And what kind of paradigms are working in building a better world, that is serving for everyone?

The intention with the film is to help and support the awakening process of humankind.


The values and themes inside the film include :

Peace, Love, Facing the Darkness, Inside and Outside, Vision, Transformation and Unity.

"Any of us recognizing the dream-like nature of our situation, owning our shadow, doing our inner work, and waking up to our true nature might be the very act, the very grain of sugar that initiates a change in the entire universe"



Soundtrack composed by Txai Fernando available on Youtube & Spotify.



Beginning of a New Era - Interviews with Marzo Queztal

is a precious and one of a kind gem of Mayan wisdom in book form.

The book will be available from people who support for the Noke Kuin project. (Donate on the buy page)


"Just after the longest night comes the new dawn"
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