Beginning of a New Era Team wishes many good vibes on the summer times!

The Editing for the movie is proceeding, at the moment slowly but steadily, and the light will shine on through, in the synchronity with universal timing…

Blessings on each one of us!
May all beings be happy and may we all the find the light within. <3


Hi Dear Beginning of a New Era Family!

Greetings from Autumn of Finland. Altough it’s dark and cold here, the sun inside shines more and more the darker it gets outside…

Also, the raw-editing of the movie has started, and it’s flowing beautifully.

To support the still ongoing Post-Production of the film, we have launched an option to buy premiere tickets (premiere in Helsinki Finland 2015), two places only for 25euros, plus you also get your name on the ending credits – Thank You Section.

To buy the tickets, please send 25euros to account FI36 5290 0220 4631 68 (Olli Ylinen), please also write to message box : Premiere Tickets, and your email. And we will contact you and confirm your buy.

Plus, we will also send you a photo of the Movie’s poster to your home! =)

You can also send your contact details to :

Every little helps us to finish this coming great movie piece! Thank You for taking part!

Beginning of a New Era – team


Hola Dear ones!

And thank you for the great support! We managed to raise total sum of money in the Indiegogo campaign of 7,143 USD. + all the donations directly to bank / paypal.

Yeehaa! Thank You!!! This will help us greatly in the post-production and the energy of this money is something truly special and of very big value…

Also, we are still open for donations and support, and you can either donate via Paypal or through Bank Transfer. Every little still counts in getting this beautiful film together… 🙂

The Editing will start flying beautifully. Also the Energy of the film is now charged thanks to so many big blessings and energy work by so many beautiufl people around the world… Thank You!

Director Olli Ylinen was also Interviewed on RiseEarth magazine, the article can be found here.

Stay Tuned! There will be nice things popping up in the Autumn… 🙂

Meanwhile, you can sign up for our newsletter (here), and like our facebook page to get the newest updates! =)

The postcards will be sent October/November. The Thank You Section is now updated. 🙂

Thank You!


Beginning of a New Era gains more publicity!

We were featured on RiseEarth, one of our favourite web magazines, go check out the Producers Journey there!
Our facebook page has passed at the moment over 1100 likes (passed even the magic number of 1111 😉 ).

Here is a new poster (by Daniel Holeman) in celebration of that!
This poster can be brought to your home in 5 X 7″ size together with 3 photos from the Movie (new 50USD perk in indiegogo campaign)
Also, the Indiegogo page ( has been updated with Producers speech – Call to Action.

So, at the moment we still need some funding to finish this beautiful and very important movie, so please please please, if you feel it in your heart that this is something you want to support and to be a part of, now is the time!
Every Donation helps a lot! Also by inviting your friends to donate and sharing the message, inviting people to like the facebook page etc. All helps…


Hola Family! We have a reason to celebrate, the Indiegogo campaign has found out some important people, like Diana Cooper who posted it on her facebook feed.
Also other big names have chosen to support us, like the positive news (
Also facebook page has over 600 likes and the teaser on Youtube over 2500 watches at the moment…

So, Going Strongly and let it flow! =)

Finnish Ultra magazine wrote an article about us.

Also FRANK Water, company that helps poor countries to get water, mentioned us in their news.
We have a perk of 150USD on Indiegogo, which of 50USD goes straight through FRANK Water to help India’s poor people get clean drinking water… We pray for clean water for everyone!

Everyone, now is your chance also to join the support! Because we still need some help in making the movie ready. Every help counts and even 1USD of donation on Indiegogo is an action. Please also remind your friends about the campaign and share… let the good flow!

In Indiegogo there is now a special 15USD (little more than 11euros) perk that contains : your name on the website thanks list, watch Beginning of a New Era for free when it is ready, get a 5 x 7″ postcard of the Sunset Picture with the films title and special thanks + signature from the Director.

Go check it out at :



Indiegogo crowdfunding page launched for Beginning of a New Era!

Go check it out here:

Also, the Website construction has proceeded.



Web pages opened! Huray! Construction still under its way.
New teaser coming in just a couple of days! Stay informed.

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Btw. Beginning of a New Era mentioned in newest Finnish Ultra-magazine. (published 9.6.2014)