Rise Earth
Internet magazine about inspiring and important subjects

Soul Speaking
Connecting with your soul

Blue Earth Awakening
Center for personal Transformation

Spirit Science and Metaphysics
This website intends to bring you the best combination of conscious science and peace-inspiring messages

Power of Positivity
Every day is a day to shine! Shine on!

Spirit Science
Cool animated mini-documents! Also groundbreaking new to enter into the new era.

Natural News
Natural Health news & scientific discoveries

Collective Evolution
Expand your mind by reading important news

The Love foundation
Inspiring people to Love unconditionally

Social Consciousness
More news & documentaries

Live Believe Inspire
“Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?”

Scientific proof about the power of mind to alter the reality

100 Documentaries you can watch for free online. About Science, Consciousness etc.

Mindfulness coach
A book about the power of Mindfulness. Also information about Mindfulness available.

Drink water on empty stomach the first thing you do when waking up
An article about that. The director of Beginning of a New Era does this every morning and can recommend!