Diana Cooper
Diana talks about the movement into the 5th dimension. We travelled to England to her home to have an Interview with her.

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Gerald Benedict
Gerald has written a book about the Mayans “Mayan Prophecies for 2012”. We travelled to France to Interview him, and ended up spending one week since Gerald has so much to say about what the world is going through related to the ancient Mayan Prophecies.

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Marzo Quetzal
Marzo Quetzal, Mayan Elder who works on mainting an Eco Village in Chiapas, Mexico and talks about the ancient wisdom of the Mayans.

Foster Gamble
Foster Gamble, most likely known for the film Thrive, gave us an inspiring speech about how important thing freedom is in the contemporary world.

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Nyame Selassie
Nyame Selassie is North-American Indian/African Elder, a traditional Healer focusing lately on moon lodges for women. She speaks among other things about the feminine energy which is a crucial part of the New Era.

Kailash Kokopelli
Sound Healer and Ceremony Master. Kailash spent the morning of 20.12.2012 on Chichen Itza and gave us an Interview there.

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Sufiel, lightworker from Finland took us by a blast of light with her speech. She was one of the Characters we met on different locations including : Palenque, Chichen Itza and San Marcos, Guatemala.

Vicky Sinclair
Vicky was busy with ceremonial work on Palenque at the same time we were there and we we’re lucky enough to catch up some good time with her. She has a lot of experience in travelling and bringing together different people.

Musician, Fantuzzi always brings up the smile whenever you meet him! He spent also his day of Winter Solstice of 2012 at Chichen Itza.

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Harri Kettunen
Harri is an Mayan Archeologist and organized the global Mayan conference on Finland in 2012. We also Interviewed some experts there… More about that coming up! .

Keith Wilson
Keith works as a Cacao Ceremony master in San Marcos, Guatemala. He guides people to face their own shadows and light through a deep inner work.

Musician. Shimshai travelled to perform at Synthesis Festival @ Chichen Itza, and luckily we had just enough time for an Interview with him.

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Oscar Tinajero
Oscar was making Sweatlodges at the world Rainbow Gathering in Mexico 2012, and bringing to the gathering the ancient knowledge of the Mayans.

Victor works as a tour guide in Palenque. He opened us many things about the ancient Mayans normal history doesn’t mention, for example the relationship with the Egyptians…